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13 January 2003
3 - 10 p. m.
„Montagehalle“, Graz Opera House

Further information on the results of the semifinals, pictures of the stage models by all semifinalists, and some internet presentations of submissions, can be found on the web pages in German. 

Third International Competition for Stage Direction and Stage Design
Ring Award 2003 - hoffmann.remixed
Graz, Austria, 13 - 15 June 2003

The remarkable success of the previous competitions in 1997 and 2000 has encouraged the organisers to hold a Third International Competition for Stage Direction and Design, which will be held in 2003.

This competition is also a contribution to the activities of the City of Graz as the European Cultural Capital 2003. The competition will again offer young artists - who form production teams comprising one stage director and one stage designer each - an opportunity to submit themselves to the verdict of acknowledged international experts. The number and substance of prizes has been considerably increased and as the highest award the Ring Award has been established. As a further innovation there will be three juries which will bestow the Ring Award, the Press Award, and the Theatre Directors’ Award.

This competition is still the only one of its kind worldwide, reflecting the most recent developments in the art of staging music theatre and giving young artists the chance of finding international resonance for their views of what music theatre should be. As at the second competition, there will be a possibility to choose an experimental branch of the competition in which the most innovative ideas can be realised.
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