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  Competition arrangements

The competition subject is Jacques Offenbach’s “Les contes d’Hoffmann”.
The competition will take place in three stages.

First stage of the competition

Each team develops a complete general concept for the staging of the whole opera “Les contes d’Hoffmann” and produces drawings for the set or sets, including figurines.
Candidates submitting in the category hoffmann.remixed also develop a complete general concept, including drawings and figurines, for the music-theatrical performance on the basis of Offenbach’s “Les contes d’Hoffmann” with a maximum duration of 35 minutes.
A summarizing storyboard consisting of four pages maximum (DIN A4), including pictures, must be submitted.
The project may be submitted by mail or in electronic form by email.
Candidates submitting in electronic form will have an additional opportunity to present their projects on the internet. However, prior to the jury's verdict, access will be restricted to the jury and the respective candidates. The submissions not chosen by the jury to enter the second stage of the competition may be made accessible on the internet to the public if the candidates so wish.

Submission deadline: 15 July 2002

Presentations will be accepted in German, English, French, Italian and Russian. The storyboard must be written in either German or English.
The jury will choose a maximum of ten ring award teams and two hoffmann.remixed teams to enter the second stage of the competition.
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