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  Registration and submission

The registration form is enclosed in the downloadable invitation.
Registration is effected by completing and returning the registration form to the following address:

3rd International Competition for Stage Direction and Design
Wagner Forum Graz
PO Box 557
A - 8011 Graz, Austria

Please enclose the following with your completed registration form:
1.brief curriculum vitae of each member of the team (course of studies taken, previous artistic activities)
2. copy of receipt certifying payment of the registration fee
3. submission

The registration fee for each team is € 30.-

Payments must be made into the following account:
Krentschker & Co., routing code 19520
account number 000-708693
make payable to "Regiewettbewerb"

All payments must be made free of charge to the recipient, i. e. entrants must ensure that they pay all bank charges of the remitting bank and those of the receiving bank.
All candidates who are accepted as competitors will receive written confirmation of their admission to the competition.

Registration and submission deadline: 15 July 2002 (date of postmark, to the registration address above).
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