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 Applications-Jury's verdict

 By 31 July 2002, 86 applications have reached the jury of the International Competition for Stage Direction and Design. It is a remarkable success that 172 participants from 26 nations have submitted fascinating and highly innovative conceptions for staging Offenbach's "Les contes d'Hoffmann". This success underlines the significance and singularity of the competition, and the jury and the organizing committee thank all the participants for their applications.
Written confirmation of their admission will be sent out to all participants during the month of August.
The jury will convene early in October and choose the 12 teams to enter the semifinals. Considering the great number and quality of applications, the jury is facing no easy task.
After the jury's verdict, the 12 semifinalist teams will be immediately identified and announced on the competition website under "Aktuelles".

 The WAGNER FORUM GRAZ is organizing 2003 for the third time in cooperation with Theater, Graz the International Competion for Stage Direction and Design. As a "special" there is the option "musiktheater.remixed" for the paticipants.
In continuation of the “cyberstaging” branch of the competition in the year 2000, there will be again an optional platform for the presentation of future-oriented forms of expression in the music theatre in the competition of 2003.
The term “musiktheater.remixed” refers to forms of presentation which, related to practices in DJ culture, dissolve traditional conceptions of the work of art by breaking up structures and reuniting them to new shapes and patterns in a process of dis- and reintegration. Between performance and time-variable sculpture, loop collage and electonica-event, the whole experimental field of contemporary music theatre may be explored.
Details under www.ringaward.com.

"musiktheater.remixed" is a joint project of WAGNER FORUM GRAZ
and "Graz 2003 - Cultural Capital of Europe".
 Version of "les contes d'hoffmann"?

 It is up to you which version of "les contes d'hoffmann" you use. It will be part of the competition to show which is preferable for the particular approach to the work that you are taking. The same applies to the singers. as only the antonia act will be actually staged at the finals the question does not arise in the performance. yet it may very well in developing a conception for the whole work.
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